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Social Skills Groups
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for Boys in grades 2-6!

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"She doesn't listen, and talks back all the time."

"The teacher complains that he blurts out answers in class instead of waiting to be called on."

"It takes her three hours to complete her homework every night!"

"He says things like 'I'm stupid' all the time. I worry that being in trouble every minute is destroying his confidence."

"It seems like all I do anymore is yell."

The ADHD mind is inventive, energetic, and incredibly persistent. When channeled appropriately and activated to learn, the results can be amazing. ADHD Advantage provides programs designed to take advantage of your child's unique ADHD wiring to transform trouble into triumph. Parent Coaching helps parents to create a more productive and peaceful home life.

What is the ADHD advantage?

  • Enjoy parenting your child again
  • Create a peaceful, enjoyable home life
  • Build your child's self-mastery, self-confidence, and friendship skills
  • Improve school performance

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Karen DeBolt, MA
Parent Coach and Family Therapist

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